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ODIN works on the principle of inverse operations. When using the “work backward” strategy, each stage is reversed to get back to the starting point


The ODIN framework is built to deliver in accordance with the Education 4.0 paradigm, where the student is at the center of the education ecosystem, and the entire universe reorients itself to make the student the focal point. The key features that make the ODIN framework unique are listed below.


ODIN is an intelligent platform, packed with volumes of Industry data, it helps students make the right choice.


ODIN maps the competencies needed to succeed in the world of employment. ODIN has several hours of learning & practice sessions available to each student.


ODIN is every students personal coach, its advanced evaluation engine ensures that each student is continuously mapped and monitored uniquely.


ODIN supports collaboration, it brings together people from the Industry and Institution to bridge the gap in employability.


ODIN makes meaningful use of data. It gathers continuous data about students and their competencies, this enables presenting the right students for the right opportunities


ODIN enables each student to pick a set of employment targets & focuses the student, thereby ensuring that the right competencies are worked upon for the best chances of success


ODIN is built on state of the art cloud technologies and deliver a learning experience along the lines of ‘Education 4.0’. It is every institutes digital infrastructure that can deliver the full range of activities from admission to employment. ODIN infrastructure helps make the paradigm shift to Education 4.0 by enabling

Demand-led instead of supply-led education

Competency-based instead of knowledge-based learning

Incorporate disruptive technologies & skill-sets

Lifelong learning instead of front-loaded learning

Modular Degree and nano learning instead of one-shot going

Focus on purposefulness, by defining clear targets upfront

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While there are many platforms that deliver content for a wide range of exams, ODIN stands out as a superior platform, that is target-oriented, personalized, dynamic and mapping various touch-points of the student's college life that can make a difference to securing a more meaningful career.

While most platforms provide content for competitive exam preparations, securing a job is a lot more than just content or the exam. It needs a cohesive approach that brings together the best of content for conceptual understanding, a diverse mix of learning methodologies, the right evaluation techniques and data that shows progress relative to the destination.

ODIN provides this cohesion and is significantly different in its approach towards realizing the goal of employability for each student.

ODIN goes beyond preparing the student for the competitive exam. We believe that the competitive exam is just one step in the whole process. ODIN enables the student to start on his quest for the career early, helps him in this process by assisting with data and insights, helps interlock with the industry of his choice on every available opportunity and enhance on the right competencies that matter in helping him succeed getting the job of his choice.
ODIN is every ‘Student's’, ‘Institution's and ‘Industry's GPS. It crunches large volumes of data and provides insights a) traction to students, telling him how far he is from the destination and what it takes to get there b) influence the outcome better, it provides insightful data about students and their competencies to the institution, so that their opportunities for a job can be mapped better c) enables hiring by the institute by focusing on the competencies that matter for a particular job.
ODIN has several hours of in-depth learning on topics that matter in getting a job. The range of topics includes Quantitative ability, Logical reasoning, English-verbal and writing abilities, economics, marketing, banking, finance, computer fundamentals, programming skills in a variety of languages like C/C++/Java/Python, etc. ODIN maps the competencies and the level of complexity needed for each exam.
Along with the enterprise segment, ODIN enables the startup’s, small and medium companies who are traditionally not tuned for campus recruitment, to gain insights into students' competencies and engage with them. ODIN enables mechanical, chemical, electrical, ordinance, cement industries to engage with students from the Institute & identify with the right competencies and employ. ODIN does away with logistic barriers for companies to find ‘their type’ of the future workforce from across the country.
ODIN aligns with the Institution, and blends into the Institutes's digital infrastructure to solve the employability problem for its students. Solving this problem helps the Institutes's brand equity, improves the quality of workforce for the industry, and helps the student find the right job!


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To implement a ‘Employability Skill Enhancement Programme, the university is signing MOU with Xlanz India Pvt. Ltd. The idea behind this MOU is to train the students with a focus on various aspects needed for competitive exams like UPSC, SBI-PO, Leading IT companies, BFSI exams, Railways etc., to give our students the best chance at securing a job with a host of private and government organizations.

Dr. P.S. Aithal - Vice Chancellor, Srinivas University, Mangalore.

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ODIN your digital partner, committed to reducing the gap in employability, bringing together the individual, Institution and the Industry.

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