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ODIN is every student's personal coach. ODIN is an expert, armed with large amounts of data and insights, ODIN works to tap into the individual strengths of a student to get the most out of them.

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ODIN is an intelligent Technology platform that fully compliant with the paradigm of Education 4.0, capable of delivering various programs, keeping the student at the epicenter of the ecosystem. ODIN not only focuses on ‘what is taught’ but it also assumes a nuanced approach to ‘the way it is taught’.

ODIN lends itself to be a framework for educational institutions, to build upon it an education model that is aligned with future trends, in order to develop and enhance individualized education that will eventually go on to define the manner in which youngsters of the future will work and live.

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How do we get more of our students employed ?

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Must help the students find the key to the right door !



To recall a popular analogy in chemistry, a catalyst increases the rate of a reaction by increasing the contact between the reactants in order that greater conversion can take place. We are precisely that! we increase the number of touchpoints and its effectiveness between the student and the Industry so that, they are better employable!

ODIN is a digital infrastructure platform for educational institutions, that reduces the employability gap in students by better preparing students in line with the expectations of the Industry and career of their choice.

ODIN is built to learn and adapt to each student, their strengths and aspirations. ODIN delivers a high degree of personalization unique to each student, that spans content, learning & evaluation methodologies and the degree of practice needed by each student to take him from where he is, to where he ready for competition.


The stakeholders on the ODIN platform are ‘The Student’, ‘The Institute’ and ‘The Industry’. ODIN delivers significant benefits to each of these stakeholders.

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- ODIN helps each student move forward step by step, with data to show where the destination is, the distance covered, how much is left and what it takes to get there!.

- ODIN enables insights from the Industry, by bringing professionals and students together on topics of interest and share the latest trends and happenings from the industry.

- ODIN aligns the student's choices with his career goals, by making the industry a stakeholder in the key decisions like electives, theses, research work, and projects.


- ODIN enhances the brand equity of the institute by blending with the Institute and delivering wide employment connect across the Industry on a digital platform.

- ODIN helps better placements, by bringing a large number of career options and job opportunities on a digital platform across the industry spectrum.

- ODIN delivers data and early insights into students preparedness for competitive exams, thereby enabling early intervention where needed to enable better outcomes.


- ODIN allows the Industry to take charge of its future employees early and become a stakeholder in the shaping of its future workforce.

- ODIN maps students with the right competencies for companies, in accordance with the job. The result is a higher rate of selection at the campus or off it, further modules that enable internship cuts down on training time after joining.

- ODIN helps companies map their hiring requirements on a wide range of metrics, direct and indirect, like problem-solving and learnability.

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Be it mountaineering or getting through a competitive exam, one needs a coach when you are competing at the highest level. A good coach offers continuous support and assistance, helps implement change, identifies strengths & weaknesses, brings focus and achieve desired goals. There is simply no other way, to compete at the highest level one needs a coach!

This however in the real world when the institution is dealing with hundreds of aspiring students, implementing a coaching methodology is a daunting task using conventional means. This is where technology has helped achieve what seemed virtually impossible!. ODIN is a coach, helps every student personalize the training, measures progress, keeps the student focused on the goal every single day, and optimizes the effort in the available time for the best possible outcomes.

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ODIN your digital partner, committed to reducing the gap in employability, bringing together the individual, Institution and the Industry.

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