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ODIN is an enabler of a critical kind as it bridges the gap that exists between the students at the college, and the expectations of the industry, thereby increasing employability in students. ODIN is a digital infrastructure that educational institutions can lean on to help students map their career with the industry of their choice.

ODIN brings together opportunities to the line of sight of every student, that are typically not visible, works with the student as a personal coach in ensuring success. ODIN uses the latest technology to bridge the gap between education and employment. We do this by providing a learning experience customized to the goal, on the other hand we also make it easier for employers to pick their future workforce based on the competency needed for the kind of job.

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ODIN delivers on reducing the employability gap by adopting a 360 degree approach. ODIN works to solve this problem by interfacing with multiple stakeholders to increase demand, map employment opportunities and increase competencies of the students to ensure a better fit for each opportunity.

ODIN is a Digital Infrastructure Platform that is personalized, Intelligent, target driven, Industry aligned to reduce the gap in employability in a student in relation to his choice of career.

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Your coach for competitive exams, that treats every student uniquely.

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Our methodology of offering personalized coaching is driven by a comprehensive understanding of industry insights, thereby creating a goal-oriented learning experience in the true sense of the term.


A job that you are searching for, might be just next door. A Hyperlocal job engine that maps jobs from across.

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Connect with your employer, early! Enabling a Industry connect through professionals.

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The Institution often bears the brunt of a student who has not secured a job at the campus. This over time erodes the brand equity of the institute. The Institute on the other hand, tries very hard at increasing the number of companies who visit the colleges. A classic scenario of diminishing marginal returns. ODIN aligns with Institutions to solve this problem by increasing the throughput in each campus engagement, by better preparing students and increasing the visibility of students to a wider range of companies on a digital platform

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ODIN has an exhaustive stack of content and lessons, that are graded into categories and complexity levels to help students to reach the desired level needed for each type of exam or career. The lesson planning and evaluation module built using advanced technologies like AI and Machine Learning help the student focus on the right areas till the desired levels of competencies are reached.

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To reduce the gap in employability ODIN takes a more holistic approach and focuses on aligning all available resources and time, with meaningful interlock with industries and careers that interest a student. ODIN allows students to find internships, project work, interlock with professionals. We look at competitive exams as the final step to employment.

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We believe we have a responsibility towards students to ensure they have a path to continue their pursuit of an employment of their choice, even after their graduation. www.OPENODIN.com allows this path to continue, even beyond the years at college, for the quest does not end till the goal is attained, and ODIN is your partner in this journey.

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To implement a ‘Employability Skill Enhancement Programme, the university is signing MOU with Xlanz India Pvt. Ltd. The idea behind this MOU is to train the students with a focus on various aspects needed for competitive exams like UPSC, SBI-PO, Leading IT companies, BFSI exams, Railways etc., to give our students the best chance at securing a job with a host of private and government organizations.

Dr. P.S. Aithal - Vice Chancellor, Srinivas University, Mangalore.

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ODIN your digital partner, committed to reducing the gap in employability, bringing together the individual, Institution and the Industry.

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